I always tried to capture and manifest my impressions of the environment. The process of transforming what I see and feel into drawings, paintings and objects makes me look deeper, listen longer and breathe more of what I am confronted with.

Creating art offers the chance, to everyone I think, to make single parts of this world a much more intensive experience. What I have drawn I have not just seen, but I have felt and explored it. I have been there, not only with my eyes and brain but with my heart and soul. To paint is to rest. It is to arrive and it is to live.

The name Authentic Arts originates from my landscape paintings and sketches, which I always used to paint on the spot. They are products of a current situation, of the feelings and thoughts it created inside me. Often the conditions were extremely challenging. That means squatting down in a dirty corner of a busy Indian market. It means finding a tiny dry spot in Scotland’s rain or even holding an umbrella between chin and shoulder. It means communicating with 20 curious Chinese children while being sunken in a drawing process. It means fixing paper with hair pins in heavy storm, means a wet ass, a sunburn, freezing, and sometimes even painting water colour with beer or water from a river when I wasn`t prepared properly. Such situations enhance the picture with a truth you can feel by looking at it.

Now authenticity became a broader scope for me and my arts but is still, somehow, the foundation for everything I do. I hope you`ll enjoy Authentic Arts.

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