Janina Mau – Vita


Janina Mau, freelance artist (Dipl. Communication Psychologist, specialized in Aesthetics)

Born 1987 and brought up in Dithmarschen, Northern Germany

2004-2006: Secondary school for interior design and graphics, collaborated exhibition “natural – artificial”

2006-2010: Various internships before and while studying (stage design at Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, freelance photographer, advertising company, public relations, travel journalism in Edinburgh, internal communication at Gruner + Jahr AG publishing house)

2007: Travels and language course in Costa Rica

2007-2012: Studies of Communications Psychology, specialized in Aesthetics and Media (degree: Dipl. Communication Psychologist), various travels in Europe

2012-2013: One year travel through Asia (India, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Kyrgyzstan), Painting & Photography

2014 (Jan.) Publication of the book “Playback Theater in der Biografiearbeit: Identitätsarbeit mit fremdplatzierten Jugendlichen” (Playback Theatre within biographical work: Identity work with teenagers in foster care). Living and working near Bremen (freelance painting and writing)

2015:  Exhibitions on various art markets, Publication of the article “Authobiographical stories on stage” – (interview with Jo Salas), Performing at Poetry Slams, July: Beginning of Self-Employment, working on Objects, Sculptures, Paintings and Writing

2016: Various Poetry Slam Performances, First single exhibition “Human. Emotionen. Absurditäten.” Kunstbar, Bremen, freelance working on Objects, Sculptures, Paintings, second single-exhibition “Human. Emotionen. Absurditäten.”, Galery “Kunstschaufenster”, Bremen-Vegesack, Participant in the Finals of Regional Championship of Poetry Slam (Lower Saxony & Bremen), Oldenburg 2016


I always loved writing. My teacher gave me a blank book when I left primary school because she wanted me to continue writing. While studying I wrote a lot for myself and in groups and did some Poetry slams. Together with two friends I created a book of poems and short stories and wrote articles (for a theater magazine, the uni website, a guidebook about Edinburgh, the internal communication website of a publishing company and a travel website).

I always loved arts. I used to form words and pictures with modeling dough on a wooden box in front of my parents bed when I was little. As teenager I changed the school for one that offered more art classes. Since then I always drew in my spare time and more or less tough myself different styles.

I always loved traveling. Fortunately my parents had the time and mind for traveling was always the priority before other things. So we had a very old car but spent holidays all over Europe. I am very happy to have learned the charm of off-the-beaten-track-places that way very early. With 15 I started choosing my own destinations, with 18 I went for the first hiking trip on my own. Since then I am still always overwhelmed by how welcoming people can be and how full of surprises our beautiful planet is.

Janina Mau



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